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Is your business going nowhere?

You are an expert (a lawyer, an accountant, a financial adviser, a doctor or a vet), but clients keep choosing your competition over you. You already spent big money on your company website and marketing agency services, but nothing much happened. ‘Am I doing something wrong?’ you keep asking yourself.

You work too much and too hard, staying evenings and weekends at your office. But it is time you prefer and should spend with your family and friends, is it not? Instead you keep worrying about how to get enough money to pay your employees, how to pay all your bills and how to save some for your children education.

You know that if you keep doing this, you will go nowhere. If you don’t take charge of things now, you will let others, mostly your competitors and clients decide how much you can earn or how long you have to work. Do you really want that?

I increased my profits by 271% in one year using my website and a good plan.

‘I know these feelings of frustration and disappointment all too well.’ Read Ela’s story about the struggle to achieve business growth and what she discovered along the way!

Nerves in tatters, back problems, too much time spent in work. I needed to change that!

I’ve always had a high clients’ satisfaction ratio. I really knew a lot about my job. I was an expert designer and a coder. Clients stayed with me for years and from time to time recommended my services to their partners. When global finance crisis broke out clients cut down costs. It turned out that being a great designer is not enough as I knew nothing about selling my services. There were weeks when I had too much work, spending nights and weekends at my office. Then there were weeks when nothing happened and I spent my time worrying about going out of business.

In my own company, nothing happened on my own terms. After a few years I was to pay a high price for this style of working. My back, my knees, my elbows, everything hurt because of the long hours of sitting by the computer. My nerves were in tatters. With the health I still had left, I needed to find a better way of doing business or face bankruptcy and a wheel chair.

Now I can say I succeeded. I work with companies all around the globe and I still find and handle them using the internet only. I even moved to a smaller city and it hasn’t affected my ability to win new contracts. Within one year I tripled my earnings which allowed me to finally buy my dream house.

Do you have to face these barriers with growing business via website too?

  • lack of trust: people are afraid to make business with unknown person they don’t have any contact with,
  • it’s very easy to compare you to your competitors,
  • price is the king: if clients can’t see any difference, they will choose the cheapest option,
  • relaying on recommendations: if you use it, you are passive and allow others to make decisions about your business for you,
  • relaying too much on a design – pretty pictures and nice colors are not enough to sell your products or services,

You are in the right place then.
I know how and I will help you solve them.

Would you like me to help you to grow your company?

Website should be a tool to achieve business goals.

As such you should consider it an investment and expect a return on it.

It is a method – tested and proved.

It worked for others and it WILL work for your company too. You do not have to take our word for granted as you will be able to track our every move and its results in a web analytics app.

30% more customers within 60 days for a vet clinic

Case Study: A local veterinary clinic renews its website and gets a bigger marketing plan.

We conducted a research to find out people’s expectations from their vet. We discovered that there was not a single vet website in the neighbourhood that responded to customers’ expectations! The design stayed the same, but content was modified with new sections added. Along with the website modifications came new bigger plan of how the clinic can attract new customers using online methods and outdoor actions. The vet clinic started with 30 visitors per month and ended up rising to 300 visitors; resulting in a 30% increase of new customers per month. Outstanding results, especially considering the total number of vet clinics in the neighbourhood. As a result, Anna had to hire two new employees and lengthened opening hours to handle the growing number of customers.

Customer inquiries grew almost 9 times!

Case Study: Local accountant’s website gets and upgrade and its marketing strategy reviewed.

When we started our work, the website was only attracting less than 50 visitors per month. After the enhancements were implemented, the website’spopularity and efficiency were boosted: for every 1,000 visitors to the site, 175 went to the contact page and became leads. From the new stream of leads, 45 converted to new customers (per year). In addition, a detailed review of all marketing campaigns run by our client so far allowed us to identify those that were not efficient or measurable. It resulted in a 80% savings to their marketing budget. We also found a new attractive service they could offer! resulting in increasing the customer base even further.

How unbelievable becomes possible.

We do not make magic. However, to understand the process, you first need to realize how a website works. First, we need to attract people attention and convince them to visit your website. But not any people. Just these interested in your services. When they come, it’s time for phase 2: make visitors take action you want.

Most websites have a conversion rate of 2%. It means that of every 100 visitors to these sites, 98 walk away. These two visitors who stay become customers. To double the conversion you need 4% visitors to stay. There are a few dozen elements on a website, which affect behaviour of your visitors. Every element counts and can make a difference. Some make small 3 or 5% improvement. Some – 20% or even 40%. It’s like getting points for making changes. Good headlines +10 points, proper call-to-action buttons +15, modified shopping cart +10, new navigation +5 and so on. Sum them all up and you will have additional one hundred percent.

Exemplary elements to improve:

  • headlines
  • navigation tabs names
  • call-to-action buttons labels
  • keywords
  • internal links

Does a 20%, 50% or 100% increase sound more achievable now?

Calculate how much you can profit

Now imagine you double your profits...

What would this income allow you to do
that you currently can't?

What you will get:

  • Strategy for your online actions (how to get more clients and earn more)
  • Conversion plan (how to turn prospects into customers via website)
  • Website content (highly converting headlines, offer, landing page claim)
  • Indoor SEO (for rapidly built google position)
  • Design of your website, logo, emails and any other element needed (for better content exposure and increased conversion)
  • Professionally built website (visible in every browser and mobile devices)
  • Training how to use it and an entire year support, technical and marketing

Service package

Someone somewhere is doing amazingly well because of it.

Why is it not your company?

You risk nothing. We worked for companies like yours.

… and were able to provide the same great results. We worked with the most regulated type of businesses like healthcare and lawyers, for companies of many sizes from SMEs to large enterprises, in business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) sectors, for businesses from many countries worldwide.

where our Clients come from

  • 45%Europe companies, organisations and institutions from various European countries, including Holland, Norway, Germany, Great Britain and our native Poland.
  • 20%Australia & New Zeland We keep expanding our share of this market by close cooperation with our Australian partners.
  • 15%United States of America We cooperated with American companies connected with medicine, law or beauty industry.

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We worked for:

clinic lawyer plastic surgery clinic vet dentist surgeon orthopedist accountant architect personal trainer financial adviser & stock exchange programmer & developer hairdresser cosmetics manufacturer concrete factory laboratory for heavy industry pet accessories & food manufacturer wholesale and retail ecommerce job seeker platforms

The brain of Brainfactory.

We introduce you the faces behind the Brainfactory. We are a family business, located in Poland, Europe. We live and work in a small city of Zawiercie.

Ela Ustupska

Ela Ustupska

Entrepreneur, Graphic Designer, Event Organizer, Consultant, Blogger

As a former journalist I put a huge value to the quality of communication. Website building and the entire marketing – it is all about communication, about talking to other people, about building relationships. I am not a big fan of developing brands based on just putting logos and brand-marks first, and hiding real living people somewhere in the back. When patients thank the clinic for the surgery, they really thank the doctors and nurses who look after them, not the abstract brand, right? When a client is angry with your company, most often simple sincere talk will solve the problem. We all want to be treated like human beings, not like numbers in some statistics. So, let’s get back to basics. Put those fancy marketing theories aside.
You can find me here: linkedin-ico-sm facebook-ico-sm

Daniel Wieczorek

Daniel Wieczorek

CEO, Copywriter, Philosopher, Marketing Consultant

I grew in respect for other people work. My parents were hard working people, I’ve learned to put value on every dollar they earned. I can’t stand watching hard working people losing their money for and because of poor marketing. I feel bad to see marketing companies pumping clients’ money into useless ads, only to boost budget. Fairness, trust, and respect for other people’s work are important for me. We all can see how websites have become a very powerful tool for businesses. The number of companies using websites to boost their income is significantly growing. I’ll show you only the most effective ways to use website for your business. Check out my results.
You can find me here: linkedin-ico-sm facebook-ico-sm

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